Sofie Lindblom

Sofie Lindblom

Student - Master of Science in Media Technology

Who are you?
I’m Sofie. Driven & happy with a weak spot for adventures, fancy tech products and cocktails. I love to go in 100% in everything I do regardless of if it’s about programming, sports or anything else. Right now my life circles around studying towards a master in media technology at Linköping University, work with the design team at Spotify and write a blog for When I get some time over I love to travel, go to concerts, wine&dine and hang out with friends. Preferably all at the same time.

What does visualization mean to you?
Visualization is when you take something large and ungraspable and transform it into something our human senses can understand and process. Visual beauty has always been very important to me. I love photography, art and architecture. I guess you can say colors and shapes makes me happy. The Media Technology program have opened up a world of endless opportunities of what you can do within the field. Before I started studying I had no idea how much cool stuff you can do. It’s amazing!

Why do we need visualization?
I believe that visualization is needed today more than ever. The amount of data collected about us in the past years is growing so big that it even created a name for itself, ”Big Data”. In many cases we don’t know what to do with the data. I think it’s here the power of visualization can play a big role. Making large datasets understandable will enable us to solve complex problems.

Why, in your perspective, is our region pioneers within visualization?
I think the bridge between research and university (it’s actually a bridge between the buildings too, haha) helps to encourage talented people to proceed within the field. Additionally visualization is very relevant and interesting to explore further considering the situation we are in today with a constant overflow of information, hence it will attract more geniuses.

What important prerequisites are there in the region that you as a student can benefit from?
The most obvious answer is again the bridge between university and research. It provides us with great tools and enable the university to offer unique courses with specialized content. As a student this campus can really offer you the resources to become a professional within visualization if you want to. Further more it’s great to see the opportunities that lies ahead as early as your first year. It’s very motivating.