Lena Miranda

Lena Miranda

CEO Mjärdevi Science Park

Who are you?
Lena Miranda is my name and I am CEO of Mjärdevi Science Park in Linköping.

What does visualization mean to you?
Visualization gives us the means to understand complex systems and large quantities of data.

Why do we need visualization?
Through visualization and in combination with simulation and image analysis we are able to delve deeper into analysis which can then be used as the basis for optimising processes and products. This knowledge then forms the foundation for making better decisions.

Why, from your perspective, is our region strong in visualization?
We are strong in research within the visualization field at Linköping University. Professor Anders Ynnerman and his team at Campus Norrköping are among the most published researchers in this field. In addition, the multidisciplinary research centre in Linköping, The Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), with Professor Anders Persson as Center Director, conducts medical imagery and visualization. We are extremely strong in the field of image analysis involving (and involves) several prominent researchers. This is a separate area and involves finding characteristics in an image and interpreting images. But, exciting things happen in the boundaries between image analysis and visualization.

The energy in research and education at Linköping University forms the basis for a strong and diversified business community which is growing around the two Science Parks. In Linköping there is a large and varied array of exciting companies with many working within the medical visualization field, of which Sectra is probably the most famous. Companies such as Dataton with its own software for outdoor visualization or the startup Spotscale, which produces 3D visualization of buildings and Foran Remote Sensing are just a few of these innovative companies.

What are the most important regional conditions which will benefit your work?
As I mentioned previously, there is a large and diversified business community. These companies are curious about each other and seek greater opportunities for exchange. For many years, Norrköping Science Park has been operating a cluster network for companies in the visualization field. My hope is that we can work together and invite more companies to join.

What important conditions developing the business community are connected to visualization?
There is, as I mentioned earlier, a diversified business community relating to visualization, so I believe the opportunities are limitless. 3D and Augmented Reality are still two areas where I think we will see an increase in applications in the future. XM Reality is an exciting company which combines these two technologies to provide remote services which were previously conducted in situ around he world. Very exciting.

We feel there is strong desire for cooperation in this field, in your opinion, what partnerships are needed for further development?
Expanding dialogue between companies as well as increasing dialogue with research at Linköping University; involving society and people with the aim of finding challenging projects where visualization can make a difference.