Lars Sandlund

Lars Sandlund

Chief Operating Officer at Dataton

Who are you?
I was appointed Chief Operating Officer at Dataton in 2012. As COO, I’m responsible for the daily operation of the company, including overall business and marketing strategy.

What does visualization mean to you?
Visualization covers such a broad range of applications and is relevant to so many different sectors –  entertainment, business, medical. For us, it’s about reaching out to an audience, engaging them and creating an experience to remember.

Why do we need visualization?
Visualization is a way of influencing and affecting an audience, to both impress and express an idea.

Why do you think our region is at the forefront when it comes to visualization?
A lot of the credit should go to the university and its long-term commitment to the field. The convergence of business and research is also one of the region’s strengths when it comes to visualization. Dataton set up shop in 1973 so we are probably one of the first visualization companies in Linköping.

What important factors in the region actively serve to promote your business/company?
The region has the advantage of good communications and a thriving university. Having two science parks in the region is also a real plus, as it encourages the exchange of information and networking in general.

What are your plans for the future, how do you see your business developing?
We aim to carry on being market leaders in our industry, growing our organization and always striving to do what we do even better. We already sell worldwide, but there are new sectors to explore, and new applications for our products.