Jonas Jalvér

Jonas Jalvér

CEO Norrköping Science Park

Who are you?
I am Jonas Jalvér and am CEO of Norrköping Science Park.

What does visualization mean to you?
Visualization makes it possible to transform large quantities of data into decipherable information and knowledge. A means of seeing and understanding that which cannot be seen.

Why do we need visualization?
The amount of stored data and information increases exponentially in our world, not least through the use of smartphones and social media but even through sensor technology, scanning equipment and other means of collating and storing large quantities of data. The expression “big data” describes the importance of being able to analyse and visualize in order to create knowledge, understanding and benefit.  Visualization is also an important contributing element in developing common understanding between various cultures and languages. A picture says a thousand words.

Why, from your perspective, is our region strong in visualization?
The region has long been strong in the field of ICT, image processing and image analysis. And through the latest research on computer graphics and visualization at University Campus Norrköping with Professor Anders Ynnerman in the forefront, we now have a very broad concept within visualization. We have also applied research within information visualization and medicinal visualization though the Swedish ICT, for example. This forms the basis of a growing business community in this field and there is, for example, a visualization cluster with companies operating in developing the sector.

Visualization and simulation are one of the regions’ strengths, creating opportunities for increased competitiveness in just about all sectors.

What are the most important regional conditions which will benefit your work?
We have received a lot of interest from a number of companies in various sectors who would like to make use of this technology and in this aspect both the regions Science Parks and the Business Clusters are prerequisites for future development. The region´s science centre, Visualiseringscenter C is a vital node and meeting place where research, the business community, schools and the general public can come together around this technology. Norrköping Science Park offers support for ideas and innovation processes where companies and entrepreneurs can seek help to develop their ideas into products and services. One example of this is Demola East Sweden where students can work with actual business ideas aimed at finding new solutions through the application of, for example, visualization.

What important conditions developing the business community are connected to visualization?
Visualization can be applied to just about all sectors and operations; it can give a competitive edge in relation to developing a product or service, to enhancing efficiency of the internal processes, providing simulation and decision-making support, an aid in marketing and sales support as well as increasing the attractiveness of the employer.

We feel there is strong desire for cooperation in this field, in your opinion, what partnerships are needed for further development?
As Science Parks, we need to coordinate and organise our range of services both within as well as beyond the region, for example developing arenas and meeting places that support cutting edge projects which lead to increased growth and enhance the attraction and competitiveness of the region. I should also like to see greater focus on showing what we can offer and the good examples that we have both here in the region and beyond.