Key Areas


Visualization has become a powerful tool in the health care sector. Innovations from East Sweden have revolutionized the way we interact with medical images all over the world. Visualization aids enhanced understanding of the human body, and is a fantastic asset for medical professionals who are active in the areas of education, research, diagnostics and rehabilitation.



Industry and the business sector can incorporate visualization technologies into their operations with the aim of developing their products, business systems and processes which will contribute to their attractiveness on the market. Today, visualization is successfully used in product development and construction, and through images and films paves the way for improved and more efficient marketing and communication. And yet the journey has just begun!

Urban & Rural Planning

Designing and building infrastructure is a challenge on many levels. There is now a successful ultra modern visualization tool already in use in the urban planning process in the form of a platform that offers and supports dialogue: democracy at its best! However, the biggest and most ambitious regional infrastructure challenge is yet to come: construction of the high-speed railway service – Ostlänken. This is one project where visualization will be an integral part of the planning solutions.

Film & Visual Effects

Linköping University offers a Media Technology programme and an exchange programme which is in cooperation with film production companies in Europe as well as the USA. Researchers, students and companies in the East Sweden region are specialists within the field of visual effects for film production. Out of this a new film cluster comprising of production companies, filmmakers and advertising agencies is in development phase.

Weather & Climate

Visualization has effectively been used to communicate weather forecasts and climate change for a long time. Big data runs through computers and the results are presented in several ways such as apps, maps and films. Scientific research uses visualization to gain an insight into the causes of climate change, its impact and options for action.



Public Arenas

Public arenas deliver knowledge, information and entertainment to a broad audience through visualization. Exhibitions and a digital dome theatre bring scientific research to the public and audio-visual media tools from East Sweden contribute to major multi-level event projections all over the world.