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 What is visualization?

Visualization is about illustrating complex relationships or multidimensional phenomena through visual imagery. You can easily grasp a complex subject or big amount of data just by looking at it – that’s visualization. Think about it! Maps, graphs, images, cave paintings, hieroglyphs. We have communicated both abstract and concrete ideas through visualization since the dawn of man. And new technology makes sure we’ll continue to do it… for a long time.

Visualization from East Sweden

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East Sweden

The starting point for the East Sweden region is Östergötland and the cities of Linköping and Norrköping. In fact, we’re not so picky about the map of our region. Why not? Well, because we live in a globalized world where curiosity, knowledge, and innovation move borders. Just like in East Sweden. East Sweden, comprising the towns of Linköping and Norrköping as power houses, is an expansive knowledge and innovations region with many international companies, leading research and high class programmes at Linköping University.

With the world around the corner

Experts rank Linköping-Norrköping as the sharpest region in eastern Sweden. Everything is accessible. Moreover, we have transport options which can take you all over the country and the world – European highways, railways, maritime transports and international flights. Amsterdam, Shanghai or Turin – wherever your destination, the world is just around the corner.

Life as you want it

In the East Sweden Region, just about an hour´s drive from Stockholm, life is special in so many ways. Here you have most things you could wish for in your immediate vicinity – nature, the city pulse, the sea and access to the world beyond. With almost half a million inhabitants and one of Sweden´s best logistics locations combined with attractive accommodation options, outstanding nature, a scintillating student life and rich culture scene, we offer unique opportunities for people and companies who want to grow and develop. Linköping University has a student population of about 30,000. Through cutting edge research and a strong link to trade and industry the university plays a crucial role in the region’s development and growth.


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Companies in East Sweden


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Key Areas


Visualization has become a powerful tool in the health care sector. Innovations from East Sweden have revolutionized the way we interact with medical images all over the world. Visualization aids enhanced understanding of the human body, and is a fantastic asset for medical professionals who are active in the areas of education, research, diagnostics and rehabilitation.





Industry and the business sector can incorporate visualization technologies into their operations with the aim of developing their products, business systems and processes which will contribute to their attractiveness on the market. Today, visualization is successfully used in product development and construction, and through images and films paves the way for improved and more efficient marketing and communication. And yet the journey has just begun!



Urban & Rural Planning

Designing and building infrastructure is a challenge on many levels. There is now a successful ultra modern visualization tool already in use in the urban planning process in the form of a platform that offers and supports dialogue: democracy at its best! However, the biggest and most ambitious regional infrastructure challenge is yet to come: construction of the high-speed railway service – Ostlänken. This is one project where visualization will be an integral part of the planning solutions.

Film & Visual Effects

Linköping University offers a Media Technology programme and an exchange programme which is in cooperation with film production companies in Europe as well as the USA. Researchers, students and companies in the East Sweden region are specialists within the field of visual effects for film production. Out of this a new film cluster comprising of production companies, filmmakers and advertising agencies is in development phase.

Weather & Climate

Visualization has effectively been used to communicate weather forecasts and climate change for a long time. Big data runs through computers and the results are presented in several ways such as apps, maps and films. Scientific research uses visualization to gain an insight into the causes of climate change, its impact and options for action.



Public Arenas

Public arenas deliver knowledge, information and entertainment to a broad audience through visualization. Exhibitions and a digital dome theatre bring scientific research to the public and audio-visual media tools from East Sweden contribute to major multi-level event projections all over the world.



It works here! Why?


There’s a great mix of traditional and new companies in the region. All with an innovative spirit and pioneering drive to achieve results. Large industries such as Siemens, Saab, Toyota Ericsson, MediaTek, ARRIS, Zenterio, IFS, IBS and Combitech coexist with startups and small businesses. And although some are small in size they are delivering high-end offerings from East Sweden to the world. Through interaction between great people – fantastic things happen!

Companies in East Sweden

Science Parks

Innovative Arenas

East Sweden has two Science Parks with one mission – to create the best opportunities for companies to establish and grow their business. Knowledge and network are important ingredients for success. Forums are created for business development and inspiration such as Vecka45, iDays and several clusters in different areas, the Cluster for Interactive and Visual Media, Automotive Safety, IPTV and Green Industry to name a few. These innovative arenas bridge the gap between research, innovation and commercial applications in unique way.


It all comes down to knowledge and we got it, right here! The Linköping University is a fantastic source of competence with several studying programs within the interactive media and visualization field. The students like it here! In 2013 Norrköping was elected Student City of the Year in Sweden. East Sweden Hack, C Awards and Coder Dojo are initiatives to secure competence and attract talents in the future. 2 campuses, 30 000 students.



Happy Students




Scientific Research

World-class research teams at Linköping University and Visualization Center C leads projects in advanced graphics, visualization and interaction design. Some focus lies on new methods for visualizing large and complex amounts of data and ultra-realistic synthetic images and others on how visualization can improve the human learning capacity. Great opportunities rise when business and public arenas are closely connected to scientific research.

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